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Dr. White's Religious Column

A Willing Servant

1 Samuel 3:19


And Samuel grew, and the lord was with him, and did let none of his words fall to the ground.


Today's' message is taken from this month's focus discussions Living Life God's Way; the best way to do this is to be a Willing Servant. The story of Samuel is that he was called by God at an early age , but even then he was willing to serve the Lord.

There are other notables recorded in scripture that showed their willingness to serve God, and serve they did. These questions come to mind, how willing are you to serve when the Lord calls you to service? Are we willing to serve regardless of age and or social status? Are we willing to serve in unknown places or situations? Regardless of your answer, remember God is with you through His Spirit. God is true to His word when He says He will never leave nor forsake His own.

A willing servant has a committed heart, which is essential to our service. In our service to God, what is our motive? Is it to the glory of God or for self-aggrandizement? If for selfish reasons, then only earthly rewards is what we receive because our focus is on position instead of the service we have been called to render. Remember Jesus’ philosophy on servant, He came “to serve not to be served.” He is our perfect example of being a willing servant.

A willing servant has a heart for God and seeks to please Him with our service.

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Eye's Coments

Do you see that giving eye contact when you are in conversation with others is important?

                                       Charles's Column

September 2016 – You Can Write a Novel in 30 Days

One of the comments that commonly comes up is that novels are so long (45,000 words and up except for the November exercise) that it just seems daunting. Actually, it shouldn’t be. If you stop and think about it, writing a novel, if you are really driven to write, shouldn’t be any more difficult than completing your income tax return – I find it, in fact, a whole lot easier.

If you’re still tentative, let’s look at the math of writing a full length work and see if it can change your mind. We should start with the basic assumption that almost everyone can type at least 25 words per minute. I know two-finger, hunt-and-peck typists who can do 50 wpm or more, and thanks to a typing class in high school many decades ago, I can still manage 60, but for convenience, let’s use 25 wpm as the starting point.

If, like me,  you no longer have a full-time day job to interfere with your creative efforts, that gives you from four to eight  hours per day to devote to writing. Let’s use four under the assumption that you haven’t gone completely around the bend. Here then is how the numbers crunch:

-   25 words per minute = 1,500 words per hour. If you write for only four hours per day, you’ll end the day with 6,000 words.

-   Assuming you write every day, that gives you 60,000 words in 10 days. If you’ve gone around the bend, and glue yourself to your keyboard for a full eight hours, you get 60,000 words in five days.

That, my friends is the equivalent of a full-length novel in five to ten days.

I know, you’re saying: it doesn’t work that way. Keeping plot threads and characters straight takes time. I have that covered as well. Before you start actually writing the darn thing, I recommend a week to ten days of preparation. Outlining if you swing that way, develop character biographies, plot twists, timelines, etc. Now, you’re ready to write. So, that makes 15 to 25 days to completion. Let it cool off for two days, and then spend another 10 days rewriting and polishing your prose.

In the end, you have your novel in 27 to 37 days from start to finish. I kid you not – the numbers don’t lie.


Eve's Say

J. House's relationship Column

When you are having a disagreement with one another - the best thing to do is to let emotions calm down before trying to reason the disagreement.

Also - when you do discuss the problem, try to touch the person in some way to acknowledge you care.


Johnny's Junction


My First Trailer


John B. Rosenman

Actually, it isn't my first trailer. I had two done for me before. But this is the first one I did myself. Can you believe it: I'm now a movie maker, though my grand epic is only eighty seconds long.


I thought I'd tell you a little about it in case you haven't tried to do one yet. I'm an amateur just feeling my way, but I'm pleased with the results. Plus, I did it for free. My eighty seconds come complete with music, pictures, captions, etc. The basics, in other words. After you watch the trailer, I'll briefly discuss the steps I took.




1. First, two writer friends, Monica Brinkman and Ken Weene gave an online workshop.  I attended It Matters Radio (you could type in questions), and they explained how to use Movie Maker step by step. After listening to them and taking notes, I downloaded the app.


2. I aimed at a movie no more than ninety seconds long because of viewers' short attention span. Also, I wanted my first effort to be modest. I knew from other trailers I'd seen that a script of about a hundred words and eight pictures (not counting strictly typographical frames) would work best. Keep it simple. And so I did. I boiled down A Senseless Act of Beauty, an epic SF novel of 115,000 words to under 100. After writing the script and giving the movie a file name, I began.


3. First, I went to Pixabay to download my photos, which were all free. I could have subscribed to a pay-as-you-go photo/image service and benefited from a broader, better selection, but I'm cheap. As I assembled my trailer, I made periodic trips to Pixabay, searching for appropriate photos to download. Also, I used the "Save As" feature often so as not to lose anything.


4. The music was free too. I went to YouTube's free audio music library. After listening to about 20 scores, I found one I thought was ideal and downloaded it, being sure to use the citation required, which I put at the end of the trailer.


5. As I proceeded, I used the tabs which are located at the top. For example, those for photos and music. I also experimented with different colors and used animation, creating shifting, eye-catching patterns for some frames. While I had the opportunity to narrate the story orally, I didn't. Maybe next time, I told myself. This time I simply inserted captions, beginning with the title at the beginning.


6. After I had a first draft, I went over and over the trailer. I sent it to Dave Wilson, a publisher friend, and received a critique, which was basically favorable. I revised the trailer, taking out some pictures and adding others. I tinkered with the text.


7. Finally I used Movie Maker to upload A Senseless Act of Beauty to YouTube, Vimeo, and elsewhere. Now—on to my next trailer!


                                      Joyce's Wisdom

• Story Promise
• Style Promise
• Who, what, where, why
• Start with POV character
• Use Power Words and Backload them
Power words are words such as strong, hit, accusation, pain, attack, panick
Backloading means to add your power words to the end of a sentence or paragraph
• Show not tell
• Only snippets or none of backstory
• Visceral responses
• Honor POV Character’s emotional set. BE THE DUDE.

This list was given to us at our writer’s conference. It is great to use for your first chapter.
It adds initial interest to the reader but also orients her to the basic storyline.
Joyce Shaughnessy, Certified Editor.
Contact at http://[email protected]

                                                           Sal's Column

Hurry back Sal...

                                                                                                               Pattimari's Thoughts~

Do you like to be lied to? No, neither do I.. However, being dishonest with others and ourselves is easier than telling the truth; Sometimes...

It doesn't have to be that way. Being honest and canceling out lies will give you a clean and fresh conscience with your relationships. It will allow you to like yourself better, and people will trust what you say. People know - count on it~

                               The Reading Ape does Author Spotlights

                                                  Graham's UFO Column


How many alleged UFO sightings have you seen reported on the news lately? Chances are the answer is probably none. In fact I have to go back many years to recall an event which was given a few seconds of news time on mainstream TV channels. And then there was no follow up. Why is this? Have actual sightings stopped? Or have any alleged visitors got smarter at deception? Or are reports being given no publicity traction for fear of ridicule? This is understandable as there are many hoaxes out there, all of them stupid and absolutely pointless – about as useful as hens’ teeth, and saying much more about the perpetrator than any high court judge could. I put hoaxes into the same category as unfounded conspiracy theories, but not to say that because there are many hoaxes the UFO enigma does not exist. In fact, there are many serious and bona fide organisations who collect and publish data on a regular basis. At the end of the day it all depends on the honesty and dependability of the witnesses, as it does with any major incident. With most people owning a mobile phone with camera, surely reports of sightings must have increased over the last few years. Not on the news channels but …


There have been 90,000 credible UFO sightings since 1905, according to the National UFO Reporting Center in the USA, and a new interactive map on the Metrocosm web site displays each of them [see link to web site at end of blog]. The UFO Sightings Map displays each sighting of as a circle, with the size representing the number of reports received by the Reporting Center. The larger the circle, the more people reported seeing that UFO, and as users zoom in on their favourite city, more circles are revealed. The map also uses pictures and video from the Mutual UFO Network, the world’s oldest investigative body.
For the past 20 years, sightings have been growing at a pretty steady rate of about 350 additional reports each year. A picture is as good as a thousand words, so:

                                                                                                     UFO's sighting's report

And in Australia we have a typical sighting:
Gold Coasters were looking to the sky after a series of UFO sightings over a weekend in September 2015. No reports of unusual activity within local airspace were made by local authorities. According to one witness: “Its colour changed from green to yellow and finally to red and my housemate and I saw what looked like a plane going down and waited for news of a plane crash but nothing came. I went out back to have a smoke and looked up in the sky and the light appeared as bright as the evening star and flashed again before disappearing."

With the advent of drones and their increasing popularity, UFO sightings at night are no doubt set to increase even further. Maybe it’s time for more Second Kind events! Here’s a video of an Australian sighting which could very well be a human controlled drone.


It would be interesting to think about how humans would approach a planet with known advanced intelligent life. Would we announce ourselves and hope for the best? Would we land with all lights blazing? Would we just land, as ancient Earth explorers did on foreign shores? I do not think so – the old explorers like Cook, Columbus, Cortes and Magellan were armed with an unbelievable sense of superiority, of infallibility even. They were the peak of human technology and they knew it. Not so us going to an alien planet. Caution would have to rule. How would we engage – quickly or gradually – or not at all? A fascinating topic for the next UFO blog.

For those interested in keeping up with UFO events, some of the more serious sites in the USA and Australia are listed below:

http://www.ufoinfo.com/sightings/australia.shtml       UFO sighting reports - Australia

http://www.auforn.com/                                          Australian UFO Research network

https://www.facebook.com/AUFOA/                     Australian UFO Action

http://uforesearchqld.blogspot.com.au/                    UFO Research Queensland Inc

http://www.openminds.tv/                                       Open Minds

http://metrocosm.com/ufo-sightings-map.html          Metrocosm

http://www.nuforc.org/                                            National UFO Reporting Center [USA



                              Peter's Column

Once again it is time to ponder the past on a subject that has been studied from top to bottom by some of the world’s greatest thinkers, philosophers, scientists, astrologers, archeologists and the countless others who stand in amazement and wonderment as they observe the countless structures that adorn our earth.  Granted we are merely 25000 miles around our waist compared to other mega-planets, but it is ours with which we are primarily concerned.

Great stone structures and megaliths around the world stand as mysteries as to how they were constructed.  Did builders possess the power of defying gravity with knowledge that has since been lost to science?  In these structures, why use stone pieces of such enormous size and weight when the same structures could have been built with more easily managed blocks as bricks and cinderblocks used today?  Researchers suggest these ancients may have mastered the art of levitation, through sonic sound vibration or some other obscure method that allowed them to defy gravity and manipulate massive objects with ease.  It is said that the great Egyptian pyramid took a work force of 4000 to 5000 men 20 years to build with the use of ropes, pulleys, ramps, brute force.  Did they hook the pulleys to sky hooks (joke)?   Abu Hasan Ali Al-Masudi, the Herodotus of the Arabs, who traveled much of the known world, was struck by the magnificence of the pyramids and wrote about how their great stone blocks were transported.  First he said a “magic papyrus” was placed under the stone to be moved.  Then the stone was struck with a metal rod that caused it to levitate and move along a path paved with stone and fenced on either side by metal poles.  The stone would travel along the path for a distance of about 50 meters and then settle to the ground.  The process would then be repeated until the builders had the stone where they wanted it.  Fantasy?  Good story writing?  Part of oral history passed down from generation to generation?  If we believe, did the striking of the rock create vibrations that resulted in sonic levitation?  Or did the layout of rods and stones create a magnetic levitation?  If so, the science accounting for either scenario is unknown to us today. 

Other astonishing megaliths, great temples and monuments around the world contain stone components of incredible size, yet little is known about their means of construction, as I have been reporting.  The Temple of Jupiter, al Baalbek, the Stone of the Pregnant Woman;  on the isolated  plateau at Tiahaunaco, Bolivia, 13000’ above sea level sits the Puerta del Sol.  Even helicopters today would be unable to hoist the stone blocks to that elevation.

Nan Nadal, the Machu Pichu of the Pacific, made up of hundreds of stacked stone logs, about 18’ long, several feet wide, erected in 200 BC?  What was the secret these ancient and diverse cultures possessed to construct and move the enormous stone blocks?  Slave labor? or another mysterious way?  Interesting that these cultures leave no record of how these structures were constructed.  Were they sworn to secrecy to simply enjoy the methods used and leave it at that?  We ponder.  Hey, no one said this would be easy.  But one would think that after all the time gone by, some great mind would unravel the secrets of the structures of the past.  Any ideas?   


Suzanne’s Corner


Healing – a different perspective


Hello and welcome. This month I have some exciting news … I have just spent the last three weeks travelling – which until now was something I thought impossible. My husband drove 7,500km (4,660miles) and except for the total of 250km when I took the steering wheel I was tucked up with a bundle of cushions, neck brace and neck pillow to be as comfortable as possible. So today instead of continuing from last month’s column I wish to invite you on a journey.

 As I sit with Uluru looming tall in front of me I am drawn to talk about healing from a different perspective. For an explanation about Uluru* go to: http://www.parksaustralia.gov.au/uluru/

 This is an incredibly special moment. It’s not just the fact that I’m sitting on an ancient land in Central Australia that is steeped in Aboriginal dreamtime stories, it is because even though this trip had been planned more than a decade ago, chronic pain and other symptoms took away my life as I knew it. Everything paled into insignificance as each day became a struggle to breathe, to not succumb to intense pain and instead to find purpose again. All of this effort took time, dedication, and supportive understanding or awareness by others.

 This is no different for anyone with chronic pain. It is also important to find what helps you improve your own situation and not go under. Healing is more than just being in ‘good’ health. It’s an attitude to life, an enjoyment, finding a purpose even if it is not in the manner that used to fill your dreams, goals and aspirations. When dealing with chronic pain (or any persistent situation which draws down your energies) being able to let go of those dreams, and future expectations, and find strength within each moment is vital. If those dreams are part of your destiny, in my experience, they will come to fruition, just perhaps in a different way to what you have planned.

 You might never attain good health but that doesn’t deprive you of living. Adapting so that the way you approach each challenge, each opportunity, becomes your normal. You redefine your priorities so that even if your health or abilities are compromised you can still enjoy what is important to you. While this might look as though you are giving into your limitations I have found that this also gives a sense of freedom.

 I’m exploring that freedom. It’s now later in the day and after an awesome sunrise I’m drawn to the Valley of the Winds walk at Kata Tjuta*. With walking stick in hand I clamber up to the first lookout. Elated I gaze at the rock formations and am excited about what might unfold at the next lookout. A sign indicates ‘rough terrain’ but it doesn’t look too bad. I start down the slope and then … in front of me is a rocky steeply angled path, foretelling what is ahead for the remaining 1.3km. I make a decision and feel upset that I need to turn around. Disappointed but only for a minute as an immense joy overtakes me and I realise it’s a bonus getting this far. Healing, which even though it took many years, I consider miraculous. I never thought I would be venturing far from the house let alone wandering the desert, exploring and giving myself permission to appreciate what I can do.

 There is a difference between good health, health and healing. It’s in retrospect that you can see how much healing has occurred. Don’t worry if you can’t get out and travel, looking out a window and appreciating the trees, the colour of the sky and cloud formations is a good start. If you can venture further then go to a park and smell the fresh air, enjoy the moment. This can take effort to reconnect with the joy of such simple observations but I know from experience it is well worth it – and you never know where that might lead you.

 So until next month I look forward to hearing from you about travelling with chronic pain and anything else you’d like to share with me, to share with all of you.





                                     Vinita's Column

                                    Eating and Working-out


 I had a dream that I was telling someone that I clean my house and it’s a workout, I don’t need to go to the gym because I get a workout at home.  There are so many types of workouts now.  There’s so many diet plans out there too.  What’s something you can do on a regular basis? You just want to tone because your hitting forty years of age?  All you need is to lose your belly and tone your arms. You have done everything. You can run the track, or try hot yoga, You have done body pumps. You have even  done body interval. You have tried Pilates, yoga. Nothing is happening. 

It’s been three years. You are wondering what’s going on, you’re not losing your twenty pounds, your stomach is not in.  Your arms aren’t tone. You, even feel tired and lethargic, sometimes.   Have you ever thought that you’re burning calories, and as your eating that many calories, your weight is the same. Yes if you burn 1000 calories in a day, you eat 2000 calories in that same day. You’re not losing.

What about housework.  Yes everybody goes to the gym, and everybody wants good health.  Some may have migraines. Some may feel fatigue.  Well for migraines, you want to just sleep.  The thing you can do is dance.  Yes Dancing helps migraines. I’ve noticed it.   A good workout at home, is when you vacuum, clean your car, and most of all when you mop your floor,   When you want to work your abs, sweep the floor and as you bend to get the dustbin and sweep all the dirt from the broom to the dustbin, you bend down, then get back up - An easy way to workout.   
What about foods?  I’ve tried this and it worked, just eating lentils during the day, and I lost two pounds that day.  I felt great.  What about just going outside, letting your children run outside, while you follow and chase your children?  That would also help burn calories. What about just going shopping and walking around the whole mall?  It’s not that hard, All you have to do is keep active and keep dancing.  You will work out a sweat.                                                                



Spending time with your child is of the most important things you can give your child.


                                       My Say 

                         Beauty is the what's inside you~

                                   Vee Vee's Column

I was wondering along

singing my song

whispering near the meadow

near the wild flowers

when suddenly

I saw a baby sparrow

He was struggling

He was just born~