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                            Cover Page                                                                                   September issue

Peter & Pattimari Cacciolfi, Owners of PnPAuthors Promotional Magazine

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Thank you Peter and Patti for all the hard work you do for us.



I enjoy your magazine and especially Suzanne's column



Peter's column is interesting and informative.



Johnny does a great job with his articles. I'd like to present my book and have a column.




Anyway, speaking of the magazine and health, I sure hope Suzanne feels better soon and her pain dissipates quickly. Johnny's advice about finding our figure in the carpet is a good reminder to watch my weaknesses-one of my words is 'just'. I just love adding it everywhere. LOL Great article and also enjoyed the one Joyce had about various forms of paragraphs. Excellent. The one part that confused me is the recipe page where you have a sizzling steak with a recipe for strawberry smoothies. Oh well, strawberry smoothies are healthier! Thanks Pattimari for everything you do!



First, let me express my encouragement to you for your work on the magazine and the site in general; you are doing a great work.
Second, the magazine is a joy to read, and for me to select one article over another is difficult to do; therefore, I applaud each author  who contributes to this magazine. I get something out of each as there is a message in each. When I need a moment to relax I will reread the magazine and just say what a great story.The success and reading joy is a testament to each author's genera.
That said, I say congratulations and many blessings upon you.


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